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Jerk History

Yesterday’s Jerk

Jerk originates from the Carib and Arawak Indians who, in order to preserve their meat, slow-cooked it with citrus and spice. Jamaicans credit the Maroons, who use hot peppers to season the meat then, slowly cook it over smoke. They stuff the meat with peppers and herbs, wrap it in leaves, and place it in a pit with slow-burning pimento wood.

Today’s Jerk

The word jerk is used in seasoning and in cooking

In jerk seasoning you can choose either a dry jerk rub or a web jerk marinade. Each has a distinct flavor so you’ll want to try both.

In jerk cooking you must use pimento wood sticks, chips, leaves and berries for an authentic Jamaican jerk taste.

In the United States people have grown accustomed to adding flavored wood chips to their bbq to add a smoky flavor. For real jerk chicken you must use pimento wood.

Jerk Meaning

jerk [jurk] – verb (used with object)

1. to preserve meat – adjective

2. being or containing a spicy seasoning mixture flavored with pimento, used esp. in Jamaican cooking: jerk sauce

3. prepared with jerk flavorings, esp. by barbecuing or grilling: jerk chicken

Chinese Definition of Jerk Chicken

Chicken rude and unreasonable