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Make Authentic Jamaican Jerk Pork

Have You Had Authentic Jamaican Jerk?

Are you a fan of spicy Caribbean flavors? If so, you have probably tried Jamaican jerk. You’ve at least heard of it, right? Jamaican jerk is a style of meat smoking that is unique to Jamaica. You might call it the Jamaican version of barbecue. A lot of places these days have a jerk dish on their menu to give their menu a little spice (no pun intended). Not a lot of them are making authentic Jamaican jerk pork, though.

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Got Jerk?

Blessings in disguise can appear in, well, lots of disguises. When one arrives on the island of Jamaica, you might be more likely to recognize, then seize upon it. Gary Feblowitz and a group of friends were on a scuba diving trip to the island when disaster struck: ear drum injuries meant they had to remain on solid ground, and would be unable to fly for two weeks. Oh, darn.

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World Class Jerk

Being a jerk master isn’t a bad thing when it comes to barbecue.
What makes Jamaican jerk barbecue so different from other barbecue?
“Well, you smelled the stuff,” said Gary Feblowitz, perhaps the most Jamaican jerk-obsessed person on the continent, whose company, Pimentowood.com, is the only U.S. importer for the pimento tree products used to create authentic Jamaican jerk barbecue.