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Today, in the US, 54% of people use exotic wood chips to BBQ. One quarter of Americans prefer jerk style as their favorite flavor of BBQ.

Real jerk flavor comes from meat seasoned with pimento spice (allspice) placed on top of a bed of pimento leaves, and pimento wood sticks. Then, it is slowly barbecued over a fire. Pimento wood is the wood of the Jamaican allspice tree, found only in Jamaica.

If you’ve been to Jamaica, and have been fortunate enough to enjoy jerk chicken, then you’ll appreciate the genuine smoky flavor of pimento wood and the tangy spice of pimento leaves and berries. Pimento wood products have been unavailable in the United States, until now!

If you’re not grilling over pimento wood, then you can’t call it jerk.
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All-in-one jerk kit provides everything you need for jerk grilling. Pimento wood chips, sticks, berries, leaves, ground allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg. Just add meat. Go ahead, be the expert.

It’s a Fact:  Jerk
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